Evaluation and Policies


Domestic Abuse is a significant factor affecting millions of people across the UK. Hampton Trust believe evidence-informed responses to reduce Domestic Abuse are crucial. Existing evaluations of CARA have helped us to understand and measure effectiveness of the CARA intervention and model, impacts on re-offending, cost-benefit analysis, as well as additional insights.

Since the original evaluation led by Cambridge University, CARA has been evaluated internally by Hampshire Constabulary and more recently by University of Birmingham. Currently, University of Southampton are leading a multi-site evaluation in partnership with other universities. Nine police forces have signed up to be included in the evaluation due for completion in December 2023.

Below are the links to the Cambridge randomised control trial and Impact Evaluation and Economics Benefits study carried out by University of Birmingham.

Testimonials from offenders, Victims, and Professionals

Offender Testimonials


To be updated once guidance is finalised and published for for use of Diversionary Cautions for DA