How Do I Get CARA?

In order to roll out CARA on a national scale, we will be supporting local PCC/MOPAC and police to commission local service providers to deliver CARA with support and materials from Hampton Trust.

 Police/OPCC/MOPAC commission CARA

  Commissioned Organisation delivers CARA

  Hampton Trust provide training, supervision and ongoing support

Phases of Implementation

Commissioning CARA

  • PCC/MOPAC/Police contact Hampton Trust to demonstrate interest in CARA and receive CARA Commissioning Framework
  • PCC/MOPAC/Police commission contract with local organisation for provision of CARA intervention. As built into the commissioning contract, the local organisation subcontracts to Hampton Trust
  • Hampton Trust supply handbooks to Police Force and local commissioned organisation

CARA Mobilisation

  • Police, commissioned organisation and Hampton Trust develop a mobilisation timeline, drawing on material in the Handbooks
  • Commissioned organisation recruits agreed number of facilitators
  • Hampton Trust provides training to facilitators using CARA materials
  • Police & commissioned organisation develop bespoke process map & guidance for respective teams, confirming offender pathway
  • Commissioned organisation carries out initial delivery of CARA, supported by Hampton Trust with initial supervision activities

Local CARA Delivery

  • Commissioned organisation delivers CARA and ensures sufficient capacity to meet demand
  • Commissioned organisation manages booking process and offender contact following police referral
  • Police & commissioned organisation continue to refine and establish processes for successful delivery
  • Commissioned organisation CARA facilitators continue to gain experience and confidence with further supervision/quality assurance provided by Hampton Trust

Quality Assurance

  • Commissioned organisation complies with ongoing data and performance monitoring requirements for commissioners
  • Hampton Trust provide limited practice supervision and guidance for CARA delivery
  • Commissioned organisation submits national data to Hampton Trust to form a national picture of CARA and DA

Contracting Arrangements for CARA

Commissioned Contract for local CARA mobilisation and Delivery




Grant Agreement for Licenced CARA model, mobilisation, training, support and insight data

Fixed Fee for Mobilisation

Fee per cohort for ongoing delivery


Fixed Fee for Mobilisation

Fixed Fee for use of CARA, support and quality assurance


Getting Ready for CARA…


Establish groups/bodies needing to approve CARA prior to procurement.

Establish designated lead within force region.

Develop decision log and risk log.

Steering Group

Set up steering group with representation across relevant bodies.

Identify relevant parties to participate in steering group, including CPS, PCC, etc.

Establish aims and schedule for meetings.


Consider volume of referrals by exploring historic simple caution for DA among other methods.

Review of estimated volumes informs budget and procurement process.

Consider required CARA provision:

  • Most common offer is for male group cohorts.
  • Additional provision can be for female cohorts, and 1:1 CARA Telephone Intervention for referrals unable to attend group (language barriers, learning disabilities, etc.).
  • Additional provision will need to be considered in budget and procurement.


Begin drafting service contract and ISA.

Establish key timelines and review mobilisation plan included with commissioning framework provided by Hampton Trust.

Preparation for short turnaround vetting with commissioned organisation staff and facilitators.

Begin drafting internal comms strategy.

Have more questions about CARA and how to get it in your area?

See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.