About CARA

What is CARA?

CARA stands for Cautioning And Relationship Abuse.

CARA sits within the criminal justice system as an early intervention targeting domestic abuse offenders meeting specific criteria to be issued with a Conditional Caution.

Under the new two-tier policing framework CARA will be used for offenders receiving a Diversionary Caution.

History of CARA

CARA was first trialled in 2012 under experimental conditions in partnership with Hampshire & Isle of Wight Constabulary, Hampton Trust and Cambridge University resulting in the first UK policing strategy to be evaluated under randomised control trial conditions.

Conditional Cautions for domestic abuse had not previously been used, and have remained subject to special Department of Public Prosecution (DPP) dispensation in select police forces up until the two-tier framework rollout.

The CARA Intervention

Sessions and delivery style take offenders on an awareness-raising journey, supporting opportunities for self-disclosure and promoting access to additional support.

Through engagement in two workshops and feedback from victims, CARA is designed to enable offenders to understand what domestic abuse is, the impact and its consequences.

The workshops are designed to maximise engagement with offenders and to nudge them into specialist services.

Advantages of CARA

CARA is an evidence-based intervention proven to reduce reoffending.

CARA promotes safety of offenders’ families through a linked victim contact service offering safeguarding and support.

Police benefit from support and guidance informed by Hampton Trust practice and experience of CARA.

Delivery in partnership

Hampton Trust have been delivering CARA for over 10 years and are currently delivering CARA in 8 police force regions. This experience has informed the development of a new model for CARA delivery: Partnership. In 2020 Hampton Trust partnered with Restorative Solutions CIC to deliver CARA in West Yorkshire, the first partnership delivery of CARA.

Restorative Solutions CIC were awarded a contract by West Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner (since transferred to Mayor of West Yorkshire) to deliver CARA. Restorative Solutions provide Project CARA under licence.

Restorative Solutions CIC received support and guidance from Hampton Trust for recruitment, mobilisation, and service delivery. Hampton Trust deliver CARA facilitator training and provide course materials as well quality assurance and supervision. Data for CARA in West Yorkshire is submitted to Hampton Trust, and contributes to a national CARA performance picture.

See map below indicating CARA delivery areas with Hampton Trust and delivered in partnership.

West Yorkshire Police

  • Identify referrals to CARA

Restorative Solutions CIC

  • Deliver CARA intervention
  • Manage referrals
  • Coordinate staffing
  • SPOC for WY Police
  • Reporting for WY Police

Hampton Trust

  • Training (facilitators, police, RS)
  • CARA materials (Licence)
  • Quality assurance
  • National data
  • Analysis & reporting

Current CARA Delivery


West Midlands


Avon & Somerset




Thames Valley

West Yorkshire

Hampton Trust Delivery


Initially piloted in Southampton in 2011, CARA launched force wide in 2015 and offers CARA to male and female offenders of intimate partner domestic abuse (IPV) as well as male offenders of non-intimate (inter-family) domestic abuse (Non-IPV).

West Midlands


Delivery in West Midlands started in 2016, the first CARA mobilisation outside of Hampshire.



CARA in Leicestershire mobilised in 2017 with consistent rates of offender referrals.

Avon & Somerset


Since 2018, A&S have seen CARA delivery supported via the ASCEND team within the Constabulary, an effective model that supports strong engagement.


As a neighbouring force to Hampshire, Hampton Trust recognised the value of adding Dorset in 2019 to the growing list of forces adopting CARA.



Together with Norfolk, Cambridgeshire began mobilising in 2020. Due to COVID & lockdown measures, remote delivery of CARA was introduced successfully.



Together with Cambridgeshire, Norfolk began mobilising in 2020. Due to COVID & lockdown measures, CARA delivery was delayed, re-mobilising in 2021.

Thames Valley


In 2021, TVP mobilised CARA in Milton Keynes & Buckinghamshire, with plans to deliver across the force area in the near future.

Partnership Delivery

West Yorkshire


In 2020 Hampton Trust partnered with Restorative Solutions CIC to deliver CARA in West Yorkshire, the start of a new delivery model for CARA replication where CARA is delivered by a local provider under licence from Hampton Trust. For more information about the CARA replication model, see How Do I Get CARA?

Want to learn more about setting up and commissioning CARA in your area?

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