About Hampton Trust

Established in 1996, Hampton Trust have developed and delivered innovative, award-winning programmes, interventions and training to address domestic abuse and criminality designed to improve the safety and wellbeing of adults, young people and children.

To tackle the root cause of domestic abuse and other types of criminal behaviour, Hampton Trust examine the complexities behind violent, coercive and controlling behaviour and support others to do the same, without which the cycle of abuse will continue. We continue to identify gaps in provision in the criminal justice arena and specifically with domestic abuse perpetrators.

Organisation vision

We are committed to a world in which every family is free from violence, abuse, isolation and exploitation. We strive to make our communities safe places for everyone to live and promote opportunities for children to thrive.

To do this we are changing the conversation around tackling abuse and criminality. We believe there needs to be a radical shift in focus from looking at the offending behaviour to understanding what makes the individual offend. Fundamentally, understanding what drives abusive and violent behaviour helps us develop new and innovative ways to tackle it from the root cause.

To support this goal, we deliver pioneering community interventions for families experiencing domestic abuse and visionary rehabilitation programmes for individuals in the criminal justice system. 

While victim services are integral for safeguarding families, we are building an evidence base which highlights the transformative power of working with perpetrators and the long-term benefits this offers families and victims of domestic abuse.

Through our excellent multi-agency partnerships throughout the UK we are informing public policy and contributing to a systematic change in tackling domestic abuse and criminality.